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The purpose of NEEC 2018 is to bring together researchers,designers,developers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in the following broad fields of electrical engineering (but not limited to):

Power Systems Engineering

•    Dynamic Studies of Power Systems
•    Power System Operation
•    Electricity Market
•    Distributed Generation
•    Microgrids
•    Smart Grids
•    Power Electronics Application
•    Power System Reliability
•    Design of Electrical Machines
•    Drive Systems

Communications Engineering

•    Image Processing
•    Soft Computing,Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic,…
•    Pattern Recognition
•    Machine Vision
•    Wired and Wireless Data Communication Systems
•    Traffic Engineering in Data Communication Networks
•    Traffic Engineering in Multi Chanel Multi Radio Multi Rate Wireless Mesh Networks
•    Routing and Switching
•    Wireless Sensor Networks
•    Resource Allocation
•    Cooperative Networks
•    Radar Systems
•    Microwave Filters
•    Microstrip Antenna Design
•    Optical Communication Systems

Electronics Engineering

•    Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
•    Active and Passive RF Circuits Design
•    Switching Power Supply
•    FPGA & DSP based Hardware System Implementation
•    Nano-Electronics
•    Photonic Devices and Systems
•    Optical Electronics
•    Biomedical Systems and Devices

Control Engineering

•    Robotics
•    Optimal Control Systems
•    Adaptive Control Systems
•    Nonlinear Control
•    Industrial and Home Automation
•    Instrumentation
•    Intelligent Control Systems

Bioelectric Engineering

•    Biomedical Signal Processing such as EEG,ECG,EMG and EOG
•    Medical Image Processing in Image Enhancement,Diagnosis Information Extraction and Computer-aided Diagnosis Applications in MRI,CT scan and Sonography Images
•    Biological System Modeling
•    Electrophysiology
•    Bioinformatics

Full paper submission deadline for the student session is September 11,2017. We look forward to seeing you in NEEC 2018.